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Erica Chan is an Asian-American writer and director who grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. At a young age, Erica always expressed herself through art. She loves painting, studied music, and trained in dance. When she was introduced to editing in high school, she was fascinated by the idea of taking pieces and putting them together to create impactful stories. When it came to deciding what to choose as her career, film was the only thing that made sense.


During her time at UNLV she was recognized for her work and was granted the Emerging Filmmaker Award. She knew there was more to learn and pursued her masters at Florida State University at the College of Motion Picture Arts. There she developed a knack for pulling focus, but also refined her writing, storytelling, and technical skills. Shortly after graduating, Erica received a Student Emmy at the 37th College Television Awards for her work on "Isa and the Frog Prince".

Erica currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and joined Local 600 as a 1st Assistant Camera in 2019. She currently has a time travel short film she directed in post production and has a few projects on the horizon as a director of photography. When not working, she spends her time going out dancing, painting, meeting others, or hiking with her Maltese-poodle named Kahlua.

More About Me:

My painting series called "Women Who Don't Give a Fuck"

Founder of Unofficial California Unemployment Help Facebook group to help people navigate unemployment during the pandemic. The group holds approximately 70,000 members.

Winner of 37th College Television Awards, Children's Program

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